How to Travel on a Budget as a Senior

Wanting to travel during retirement is a natural feeling. You’ve worked hard all your life and deserve to enjoy your golden years. Your bucket list isn’t getting any shorter, but time and more importantly money might be in short supply. However, there are many deals that seniors can take advantage of when traveling. Here are a few tips on how to travel on a budget as a senior.

Always ask if there’s a special rate for seniors

Asking the right questions is always a sure-fire way to save a few bucks. Whether you’re booking a flight through a travel agency or comparing hotels, get on the phone, and talk to someone. Once you have them on the line, make sure you ask if “there’s a special rate for seniors”. No matter what you’re booking, no matter what they’re selling, always ask if there’s a senior discount. This might save you 5-10% or more, or maybe nothing, but it never hurts to ask.

Look for sites that specializes in senior discounts

The internet really has everything you can image. If someone is selling anything, like a resort vacation, there is certainly a discount on that trip. Websites like SeniorPerk.com cater exclusively to seniors and their families. Meaning you can feel safe knowing that these deals are specifically for you and offer the best possible savings. Also, avoid paid discount sites, because why pay money for a deal you can find for free.

When booking flights and hotels, be flexible

When you’re retired, time becomes relative. You have time to stop and smell the roses, and therefore can take an extra day or two for a trip you want to go on. Booking flights departing on a Tuesday or Wednesday tend to be cheaper because they are less in demand. Well the airline’s loss is your gain, because you don’t mind flying at any time. Booking at odd days, away from holidays and at odd late-night hours can save you hundreds each trip.

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