Insurance & Security Offers and Products

Staying safe and secure in all aspects of your life is very important. Therefore, protecting your home from danger, safeguarding your identity and ensuring you have insurance coverage are all necessary expenses. To ease this burden, SeniorPerk has amazing deals on home and personal protection plans for you and your family.

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Final Expenses

Being prepared in the event of your death or that of a loved one can reduce the burden on family and friends during a difficult time. SeniorPerk can help you plan for the future and give you peace of mind that your final expenses will be taken care of.

Home Security

A home security system can protect you and your family from intruders, burglars, fires and other serious emergencies. SeniorPerk has deals on top leading security system providers.

Medicare Supplement

Your prescription medications can be expensive, even with Medicare assistance. We offer deals on additional coverage to help you reduce your medical expenses.

ID & Credit Protection

It is important to maintain good hearing health in order to live life to the fullest and prevent injury. SeniorPerk has exclusive discounts on state-of-the-arts hearing aids

Life Insurance

Protect your family’s financial future. A Life Insurance policy from our trusted partners can help cover your family from expenses like mortgage and college costs or supplement existing coverage you may have through your employer.

Health Insurance

We are here to help you find the primary health plan that’s right for you. With so many options on the market primary health plans like Short-Term Health Insurance, Indemnity Insurance, Supplemental Health Products, and other insurance options it can be hard to figure out what’s right for you.

Renter & Home Insurance

Say goodbye to old fashioned insurance companies. At Lemonade, insurance is powered by AI and driven by social good. By using advanced technology and focusing on transparency Lemonade is fast, affordable, and hassle-free. Lemonade takes a flat fee from your monthly subscription so they gain nothing by delaying or denying claims.

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