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Identity Protection and Credit Monitoring

Identity Protection and Credit Monitoring Offers and Product

Protecting your name is just as important as staying healthy. Your identity can easily be stolen unless you take the necessary precautions. At SeniorPerk we can help you improve your personal security for protection against fraud and scams.

SeniorPerk Identity Protection and Credit Monitoring Providers

Identity IQ

What would you do if your identity was stolen? Identity thieves often open new credit cards in your name, make fraudulent purchases, and can you even use your identity when questioned by the police. If you’re ready to be protected, IdentityIQ provides world-class benefits from a carefully selected suite of identity and credit-related services. Enhanced credit monitoring, dark web monitoring, and identity theft insurance are only a few of the benefits of IdentityIQ. We’re here to inform, protect, alert, and assist, in the event of identity theft or credit reporting problems.


Avoid unwanted surprises and see exactly where you stand with Identity Lookout. By partnering with ScoreSense to bring you a complete credit resource and monitoring program, we make it easy for you to get the ultimate credit protection service. Having access to all three of your credit scores and reports whenever you want can help you identify unauthorized activity or mistakes in your credit reports. Our credit specialists are on call to help you make sense of your scores, determine any next steps and answer all of your credit questions. For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, you can help protect your credit, your good name and your finances from the very real threat of online hackers, data breaches and credit fraud.

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