Your property is an investment that you want to grow. However, most home improvement projects take lots of planning and a significant budget. You might even end up spending more than you were anticipating. That being said, there are simple and affordable ways you can increase your home’s worth. Here are some low-cost renovation ideas that will instantly boost the value of your home.

Work on your curb appeal

There are simple things you can do to produce maximum return on your investment. Making the front of your home stand out is one of them. A few hundred dollars’ worth of paint and maybe a new front door or automatic garage door can raise your home’s value by thousands of dollars. For additional bang for your buck, shop around for new windows. Not only will they give your house a facelift, but energy efficient windows will help reduce your energy consumption to help you save even more.

For all those materials you’ll need, make sure you find the best deals. For example, for windows, National Window Pros has affordable options and you can receive up to a 10% discount on new installations. All of these inexpensive upgrades to the outside of your home can add an estimated 5% to your home’s overall value. This goes to show you that a little time spent cleaning your front yard will pay for itself.

A fresh coat of paint and accessories

If you’ve lived in your home for a very long time, the walls are surely starting to look faded. A new coat of paint can easily transform a dull wall into a masterpiece. But why stop there? Your cabinets can also use a refresher. You don’t need to invest in new cabinetry, when you can simply replace the door knobs and hinges on all of your drawers and cabinets with modern looking fixtures.

Some cans of paint, a few new accessories and a do-it-yourself attitude is all you need to improve the look of your home and increase its value. Bright and open rooms are deemed to be more desirable to home buyers and thus increases the home’s value. Therefore, use lighter colors to make and space feel larger and more appealing.

Light up the place

Energy-efficiencies is the new normal when it comes to home improvements. For years now that has been the standard when it comes to home lighting. If you haven’t replaced all your lightbulbs with high-efficiency LED bulbs, now is the time. This simple change will help you save money on your electricity bill every month. Not to mention, your home will look brighter and more appeal when anyone walks in.

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